The Olive VLE integration provides a tab interaction within the Teams application, which has been designed and developed to enable Educational Institutions, Apprenticeship Training Providers, and individual tutors to collaborate during the learning journey with their learners.

Manage training content, and interact with learners via video classrooms, all from within the collaborative Teams environment.


These are the prerequisites for using the Olive VLE application:

1. An active Microsoft Teams account is required

2. Microsoft Teams desktop application

3. Microsoft Teams web application in following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari

IMPORTANT: The Microsoft Teams Web Application requires third-party cookies to be enabled in the browser in order to run without issues.



1. Once the Olive VLE is installed under one Microsoft Teams Account, it will be accessible from Desktop, Web, or mobile applications.

2. The Microsoft Teams Application is also available in a Mobile Application and the Olive VLE can be used from within that mobile application. However, for a better user experience, we recommend that administrators use the Teams Desktop Application or Teams Web Application.

Edge Browsers and Internal Networks

For the Olive VLE to work seamlessly in the Edge browser, you must trust the sites listed below in your browser security configuration. Also, if there is firewall protection implemented within your organisation, school, or college network, please make sure the following sites are white-listed / not blacklisted.

Accessing the Olive VLE in the Microsoft Teams Interface

The Olive VLE can be accessed in the Microsoft Teams interface in the following ways:

Personal Account

If you are using your personal account on Microsoft Teams, you can add the Olive VLE application to your Teams Personal Tab by searching it from the Teams Application store.



Office or Work 365 Account

If you are using an Office or work 365 accounts, MS Teams must be enabled by the 365 Administrator at the tenant level. After Teams is enabled, 365 Administrators will need to ensure that the Olive VLE Application is allowed for the Microsoft Teams under the tenant, with the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Dashboard.

Step 2. On the left-hand side menu, click Teams apps → Manage apps


Step 3. The administrator will see a list of applications from different publishers. Search for Olive VLE,

Step 4. For Olive VLE, please check if the value for the Status column is Allowed. If not, click the row with Olive VLE and click the Allow at the top/header of the table,

Step 5. The Olive VLE application along with applications from other publishers can be allowed by enabling the Allow Third-Party Apps option:

  • Click on Org-Wide app settings, which is on the right-hand side of the Team Admin page
  • Click on the Pop-Up message that will appear from the Right Hand Side.
  • Enable Allow third-party apps and Allow any new third-party apps published to the store by default


Step 7. After allowing the app from the Microsoft Teams Admin page, users under the tenant will be able to search and find the Olive VLE App from the Microsoft Teams App Store

Step 8. After searching and finding the Olive VLE App from the Microsoft Teams App Store, click on the Olive VLE App. You will see a Pop-Up box to confirm the installation. Please confirm the installation by clicking on Add.


Step 9. After clicking on Add in the above step, the app will launch. This completes the installation and the app will be available in the installed app section until it’s removed.


The app can be pinned or removed by right-clicking the app. The pinned app always appears at the top of the apps section. Optionally pin the app for easy access. Click on the app to launch it.


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