New clients who don't have an account in the Olive VLE can sign up for the Olive VLE application.

Here are the prerequisites for signing up for the Olive VLE application:

  • The Microsoft Teams Application should be installed
  • Users should be logged in to the Microsoft Teams application
  • Make sure the Olive VLE application is installed.

User Journey for new clients to sign up to OLIVE VLE.

  • Open the OLIVE VLE Application
  • Click on Tell me more as outlined in the screenshot below


  • Select your role is represented in the screenshot below.
  • Tutor
  • Educator
  • L&D Manager of a company
  • Training Institution
  • Apprenticeship Training Provider


  • After you select the option that best describes you, please watch the induction video on the next page so that you can get a comprehensive idea of what you will get by subscribing to the Olive VLE
  • If you want to know further information about the Olive VLE, you may contact Olive by writing to Sales or you can get started for free. Please view the screenshot below


  • On the signup page, please enter the company information and admin details
  • Please note down the company domain. Your Company Domain is the unique identifier of the company you are with and you will need it during the login process. Your learners will also need to enter the company domain details during the login process.


  • Once you enter all information and click on Register, your account deployment will start and will get completed within 30 to 60 seconds
  • After deployment is complete, you will be redirected to your dashboard
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