Learners - Evidence Bank

The Evidence Bank tab shows the learner evidence bank. The learner can upload, edit, delete and manage the evidence. Learners can also attach the evidence to the different phases of the programme they are enrolled in.

Uploading a New Evidence

To Upload a new piece of Evidence, click on the Upload New button.




In the Evidence upload dialog box, you can upload Images, Videos, and Documents.


Evidence Upload Guidelines

When uploading evidence please make sure the uploading evidence follows the upload criteria set by the system.

Once you have selected the evidence from your local machine you will be taken to the Evidence Description dialog box as shown below



Here you can type in the Title for the Evidence along with a description of the Evidence that is being uploaded. 

Once the Evidence is successfully uploaded on the system, it will show up in the Evidence bank as following




Filtering Evidence and Searching

There are 4 main sections in the Evidence bank

All - This shows all the evidence in the system (Images, Videos, and Attachments)



Images - This will filter the Evidence to show only Images



Videos - This will filter the Evidence to show only Videos



Attachment - This will filter the Evidence to show only PDF and Docs



To search for evidence, click search, besides the Evidence bank.



This will search for the evidence for which the name you have typed




Creating a New Folder

To create a New Folder you can click on the New Folder button as shown below



You can then type in your Folder name and click Create, to create the Folder




You can upload evidences into the folder by clicking the Folder Name and this will now take you to that particular folder




Editing Evidence

To Edit Evidence that has been uploaded on the System, Select the Evidence from the Evidence Bank then click Edit on top of the Evidence Description Section as shown below:



This will make the section Editable, where you can change the Name of the Upload and the Description.

To Undo any changes made click Cancel and to save your changes click Save.




Moving an Evidence

To Move Evidence to a folder click Move. This will give you the option to move the evidence to a folder from the Root folder or from one folder to another.



You can select the folder you wish to move the Evidence to or, create a new folder by clicking Add Folder.

Once you have selected the Folder you want the Evidence to be moved to click Move Here to confirm the change.




Attaching an Evidence

To attach evidence to your knowledge, skills, behavior, qualifications, etc, you can click on the Attach, button on top of the Evidence you wish to attach.




This will open the Evidence Attachment Manager as shown below.



In the Evidence Attachment Management, you have Various Section and Buttons

Summary - This gives you an overall summary of what needs to be done in this section and the option to save changes once the evidence has been mapped out

Evidence - This gives you a snapshot of the Evidence you are going to attach

Help - This button will have you a small explanation of how the Evidence Attachment Manager Works

Close - This will close the Evidence Attachment Manager

In the Middle, you have the Programmes section where you will be able to see all the programs that have been assigned to you.

By Clicking on the Programme name it will open the Menu tree will be opened,



Here you can select the sections to which the Evidence needs to be added.



The Summary Tab will show you how many sections you have added the Evidence to.

To Confirm the changes you have made, you can click on Confirm Changes.

A Dialog will appear to let you know if you wish to confirm the evidence attachment.



Once the Evidence is uploaded onto the system you can see that the Text changes to green letting you know that the Evidence is uploaded as shown below.




Deleting an Evidence

To Delete evidence from the Evidence bank click on the Delete, on top of the Evidence you want to be deleted.



This will give a warning letting you know that the evidence will be deleted from the Evidence bank, but if the Evidence has already been attached to any phrases or sections, it will not be removed.



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